Minority of dog owners spoil it for others

I want to express my sheer disgust about the dog fouling on South Beach estate in Blyth.

I myself have two dogs and when taking then for walks always carry bags to dispose of their excrement.

Whilst walking today down Amersham Road, I was disgusted in the amount of dog mess which was all along the path way.

It is bad enough when people let their dogs mess on the grass, but have some common sense and pick it up.

Walking up through Amberley Way at the side of someone’s house a dog owner again has let their dog mess in the middle of the pavement.

Really, is it too much to ask to pick it up, there are enough bins. If not, take it home and dispose of it there.

This gives dog owners a bad name. Always the minority spoil it for those others.

Debbie Blenkinsop