Mixed reaction as major new wind turbine is erected – Video

PEOPLE in Blyth have given a mixed reaction to the new wind turbine dominating the town’s skyline.

Last Thursday the first of seven new turbines to replace the existing ones positioned on the pier was put in place.

The new larger wind turbine that has been put up in Blyth shown at the Quayside.

The new larger wind turbine that has been put up in Blyth shown at the Quayside.

While some have said the new structure is an eyesore, others said its size does not bother them and they can see the value it brings to the town.

Shopper Emma Finlay said: “It is a bit of an eyesore, but it does not really bother me.

“If they are helping with problems such as global warming then it’s OK.”

And Carolyn Malcolm, shopping with her daughter Kate, sees the turbine as a good thing.

She said: “It will be nice for Blyth to be known for something positive as it’s all about renewable energy.

“I do not really mind it, although I’m not sure what I would think if it was right on the doorstep of where I live.”

Kate, 13, added: “I think it looks stupid, it should be further out to sea.”

The turbine measures 128 metres in height, with each blade 50 metres long.

The new one is one of three planned for the pier, with the other four being constructed at various locations once leases and grid connections are confirmed.

Charles Rose, chairman of Hainsford Energy, who are behind the wind farm, said the new turbines were much more efficient than the existing ones, and kept Blyth at the forefront of renewable energy.

He said: “The new turbine generates more power than any other inshore wind turbine in the UK.

“The existing turbines are 20-years-old and technology has moved on dramatically, and we can generate as much power from the new turbine as we can from 11 of the old ones.”

Kevin Chapman, shopping with his children in Waterloo Road, said you can see the turbine as far away as Seaton Sluice.

He said: “I just don’t know how they are going to replace them all.

“I know why it’s there, and that’s a good thing, but it is big.”

His seven-year-old son Taylor added: “It is big, but it’s there to make electricity and that’s a good thing.”

Mr and Mrs Bradley, who live in Whitley Bay, said they were shocked when they saw the size of it when coming into Blyth.

Mrs Bradley said: “I think we are being conned anyway by the green issue, and that is a monstrosity.”

Mr Bradley added: “I think it’s rubbish for what you get out of it.

“I suppose we don’t know all the facts, but they seem useless.

“It’s when they put them in the countryside like the Lakes that it is despicable.”

The remaining old turbines are due to be taken down at the end of September.