More grey squirrels are spotted

More grey squirrels are being spotted in county gardens than their red cousins, latest figures have revealed this week.

Despite Northumberland being seen as a haven for red squirrels, more people who took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch reported seeing grey squirrels.

A total of 18 per cent said they had seen a grey squirrel compared to 14 per cent for a red squirrel.

Nearly half of people in Northumberland who took part in the survey see common frogs in their gardens on a regular basis, while 50 per cent of the participants never see the endangered red squirrel.

This year, Big Garden Birdwatch participants were also asked to tell the RSPB about some of the other wildlife that visits their gardens throughout the year, including common frogs, red and grey squirrels, badgers and hedgehogs.