More savings in waste collections

FAR be it from me to tell anyone how to suck eggs, but I wonder if Northumberland County Council might have considered that a more cost efficient way to alert people to changes in the bin collection times, was to actually have the ‘bin men’ issue the fliers, wedging the things into the bin-lid handles, rather than have them post delivered?

It might also benefit the council coffers to look into who actually needs all of the allotted collections?

I know I can get by with one of each bin, per month and I see no reason why these pick-ups need to be made every seven days.

A good head of department would have looked to save 25 per cent fuel by at least attempting a ten-day cycle.

It also occurs to me that as we have completely unlit roads in some areas, roads that are fully lit could be zig-zagged with on and off lights, to save 50 per cent of the power requirement in darkness.

I find it rather baffling that some of these measures are not already in place.

I don’t expect the council to mimic NASA, but come on, this isn’t rocket science.


New Hartley