Mother’s heartfelt thanks for support shown to her son

Adam Blythe.
Adam Blythe.

A mother whose son was attacked in Blyth has thanked local people for rallying to help him.

Adam Blythe was allegedly assaulted in Robert Street in the town on Saturday, February 8, and is still in Newcastle’s RVI after being in a critical condition.

Now scores of concerned residents have teamed up to help the homeless 34-year-old, even setting up a fundraising website to support his recovery once he is able to leave hospital.

And now his mum Jane has thanked all the people who are wanting to help her son.

“When he arrived at the hospital he was more dead than alive,” she said.

“It was horrendous to see him, I was fraught.

“His face is not nice, as his mother it was horrific to see.

“He has a broken hand and wrist where he tried to protect himself, a fractured skill and fractured ribs.

“I really want to thank all the people in Blyth that have supported him and given him get well wishes and prayers.

“When I went in to see him this week there was a get well soon card from someone who said she hadn’t met him and wasn’t religious but she was praying for him and she was wishing him a speedy recovery.

“People are really ralling around for him, it is lovely, and it is helping so much because I don’t live in the north east.”

The website – – raised more than £1,200 in just one day, and is now up to more than £1,800.

Kerry Lister-Pattinson, from the Making Winter Warmer For Those Without charity, who set up the website for Adam, said: “Everyone just wants to help.

“I know everybody is really upset about this, and the support he has from the north east, especially the people of Blyth, is just amazing.

“I really hope that knowing that so many people care about him helps aid his recovery and that he decides to stay in the north east and get back on his feet.”

Adam has been in Blyth since November, choosing the town because of his surname.

Jane added: “It’s up to him what he does and where he goes when he comes out of hospital, but all the support he has had in Blyth I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed.”

• Kellyann Raisbeck, 21, of Robert Street, Blyth, Wayne Deluen, 24, of Pecket Close, Blyth, and Gavin Deluen, 22, of Dove Court, Cullercoats, have all been charged with wounding with intent to commit GBH.

They will appear at Newcastle Crown Court later this month.