MP calls for investment in economy

A LOCAL MP is urging immediate investment in the area to help beleaguered retailers struggling in the recession.

Ronnie Campbell, pictured, is calling on both the government and Northumberland County Council to support local businesses.

The outspoken MP says that investment could make a huge difference to the shops in the area.

Highlighting potential investment from the owners of Manor Walks in Cramlington, Mr Campbell says Blyth town centre and Seaton Valley need equal help.

“A lack of investment or spending on infrastructure is seeing the whole country sliding further down the recession path while here in Northumberland the same controllers are doing the same to Blyth Valley,” he said.

“I only wish they would just help in some way to get people into the areas and spending money.

“A shop local campaign can be successful, and this, along with the county using its promotional expertise to drive up the public awareness of what the area offers, could be of huge benefit.

“The promotion of the local parks, the links and the town centres can all mean a difference to local traders and we need that help urgently.”

He added: “The whole strategy from day one should have been investment in our infrastructure with major projects like duelling the A1, replacing old schools and hospitals and creating the wealth for our communities through the jobs created and the money going back in to local shops and thus stimulating the retail sector.

“Coupled with these benefits you also see employment dropping and chances for young people to get trades and the chance of real jobs so desperately needed.”