MP joins call to ban pavement parking

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery is backing calls for a change in the law to make parking on pavements illegal.

A campaign is calling for an end to the activity as it is a danger to pedestrians, particularly people living with sight loss.

Earlier this year the MP took a bus journey into Morpeth before walking around the town whilst blindfolded to discover for himself the challenges partially sighted or blind people face whilst trying to get about.

Recently Mr Lavery was invited by the charity Guide Dogs to join them at a makeshift grotto they set up in Parliament to thank MPs for their support during the year as well as meeting some young guide dogs in training.

“Guide Dogs do an amazing job helping people with sight problems enjoy independence and freedom, so it was a real pleasure to see the puppies in training,” he said.

“When their training is complete they will become wonderful companions to their new owners.

“But the event also had a serious purpose and that was to once again highlight the problem vehicles being parked on pavements can cause not just to blind and partially sighted people but to mothers with prams and buggies or mobility scooter users.

“It is a real danger and the law needs amending as well as some clarity because there is so much confusion as to whether or not it is illegal to park on a pavement.”

As the law stands it is an offence to drive on a pavement other than to access a drive or parking bay.

Parking on pavements is an offence only in London, but the Department of Transport has been reluctant to extend the law to other parts of the country.

Mr Lavery added: “The Guide Dogs charity wants to see a change in the law and they have my wholehearted support with their campaign.”