MP showing the courage

It was once said that while miners in Wansbeck had the political majority, any representation would be weak because we had no academics that were educated at Oxford, Harrow, Eton, or any university.

I have watched the live televising of Parliament since it started and kept looking for my local elected MP, and it must be said they were nowhere to be seen.

I was waiting to hear from them of any support for Wansbeck.

At the last general election I changed my vote to another party, which was not one of the main stream ones.

Since then I have heard Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery speaking from the floor of the house on many occasions and on several subjects.

To get up at times to the glaring hostility from some of the opposition members takes a lot of courage.

May be the reason for the others who did not do the same was a lack of courage, which made them stay in the shadows, or perhaps a lack of knowledge.

Mr Lavery, I believe, can get better.

Bill Harris