MP urging residents to get involved

A county MP is calling on residents to take part in an annual programme of events to inspire people across the UK to participate in democratic life.

Ronnie Campbell, Blyth Valley MP, is urging organisations in the county to take part in Parliament Week, which begins on November 16, and will see schools, museums, charities and businesses around the country join in a week long programme of activities and events – all designed to inform, inspire and connect people all over the UK with democracy.

Parliament Week is working in partnership with over 160 organisations from across the UK to put together a programme will include historical walks, art exhibitions, online debates, panel discussions and more.

Ronnie Campbell said: “Parliament Week is a great opportunity for organisations here in Blyth Valley to engage their audiences or members in this national programme.

“There are many ways you can get involved – put on an event such as a debate, exhibition, or lecture or visit the Parliament Week website for more ideas.

“Become a Parliament Week partner and, along with organisations from across the UK, add your voice to this exciting project.’

Schools are also invited to take part in Parliament Week. For more information, visit