Mum’s appeal for help to find missing toy

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A MISSING cuddly toy is causing upset in one Blyth household after a stuffed-monkey was lost during a day out at the fair.

Kate Brewis was walking with her daughter Madeleine, aged four, in Whitley Bay on Saturday, March 30, when the brown and white toy, named Monkey, was dropped as they crossed a main road to the Spanish City Easter fun fair.

The toy means something extra special to Madeleine as it was her dad Lee’s lucky mascot, which he took with him to Iraq on his tour of duty in the Navy.

Kate, 30, of South Beach, Blyth, said: “She is absolutely devastated about the loss of Monkey.

“He is an old family friend and she is just lost without him.

“We think he was dropped in the car park opposite the fair but we went back only an hour after we must have dropped him and he was no longer there so we think someone must have found him.

“When she realised she dropped him she burst into tears. She was hysterical.

“If anyone has him just please return him because she is just so upset.

“He has been everywhere with us, on every holiday and every trip.

“She is not sleeping properly without him.”

Anyone who knows the missing toy’s whereabouts should call Kate on 07849 944634 or (01670) 366682.