My only regret is not attending meeting

Concrete pipes in Cramlington.
Concrete pipes in Cramlington.

Please allow me one more response regarding recent letters about the proposed development of land to the north of Station Road in Cramlington and in particular the correspondence from Mrs Heard (News Post Leader, January 30).

Views such as those towards the Cheviots are not exclusive to the area concerned; indeed they would be a good selling point for any future housing.

I am unaware of the proportion of green land to housing, but retention of the field directly to the north of Station Road, the land around the Nelson pit heap and existing maintained areas seem in line with the allocation of open spaces in other areas of Cramlington.

To put the record straight, I do appreciate wildlife, having been a member of the RSPB and the Woodland Trust.

I regularly visit areas of beauty both on foot and by bicycle.

I also walk alongside the waste land in question with my dogs, because it is near to my home, but avoid the boggy scrubby land, which appears to have almost qualified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

It is not a pleasant plot of land, but I suppose my view is purely subjective.

I have no problem with the vast majority of young people, but a former Cramlington police officer remembers the scrub land as a haven for glue sniffers.

Discarded drinks cans and other detritus is concealed under some bushes including in areas close to Westwood Grange.

I would rather young people integrated with all sections of the community rather than hiding away and getting up to dubious practices.

Reference to old maps is irrelevant unless reference is also made to those produced in the mining era.

I don’t think anyone would like a return to pits, waste heap, mineral lines and sub-standard pit rows.

If the land was developed, revenue would be forthcoming by means of council tax, which would contribute towards the maintenance budget of nicer areas, new schools and health provision.

Perhaps the aforementioned field to the north of Station Road could be made into a proper village green; it was in fact earmarked for use by Cramlington Cricket Club in the late 1970s.

I have no connection with developers, Persimmon.

My only regret is not having attended the meeting about the future of this land.

I know of others with the same viewpoint as mine; perhaps they might care to comment.

I attach a photograph of the two concrete pipes, which are near the new play park and are visible from maintained land, which depict the general run down appearance of the area.

J Hill