National Anthem should be taught

THE Liberal Democrat correspondent (News Post Leader, letters, June 28) asks if we should have a photograph of Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip displayed in Cramlington Town Council offices.

I do think that we should have such and have been trying to get one there for two or more years.

Those who have occasion to visit the council office will note that there are two photographs displayed, one of a Chinese delegation and the other of a group of visitors from Ratingen in Germany, so why not one of the Queen?

As for the National Anthem and the Union Flag, I, like many others, feel that both should be taught in schools up and down the country simply as part of being a citizen of this country.

There is nothing odd in this suggestion: children of many lands learn in school about their country and its symbols, for example in Ireland all the children learn their National Anthem, and in Irish too.

Some pride in this land, and in Cramlington, would not go amiss. Sadly we will not find it in the Liberal Democratic Party of councillors in Cramlington.