Near double increase in council tax

Residents in Seaton Valley are facing a near doubling of their tax as the town council prepares to take on more services.

In a proposed budget by Seaton Valley Council, people living in a Band D property will pay £109.67 in 2014/15 – an 85 per cent increase on the current £58.97.

Officials at the council say the increase is necessary to secure the existing services as well as taking on new ones to improve life for residents.

As well as securing existing services, the council has agreed five new full time jobs will be created through partnership working, weekly grass cutting and litter picking, regular cleaning and maintenance of bus shelters and war memorials, improved floral planting and cleaner villages, planned replacement of old infrastructure, such as bus shelters and playgrounds.

Seaton Valley Council chair Susan Dungworth, said: “Whilst members are well aware of the financial pressures facing our residents, we are also aware that the local environment is very important to them too, and we need to respond to the many concerns raised about the state of our villages.

“We are confident and excited at the prospect of working in partnership with Northumberland County Council to bring about real improvements in a cost effective way.”