Neighbourhood watch schemes are relaunched

NWS in Blyth.
NWS in Blyth.

RESIDENTS in Blyth have joined forced with police to relaunch Neighbourhood Watch Schemes across the town.

Officers from the neighbourhood team have been with working alongside residents and have set up five schemes in Cowpen Quay, South Croft, Hodgsons Road estate, Solingen and South Beach.

Chairmen have been appointed to oversee each of the schemes and currently there are over 200 members signed up.

NHW signs have been put up in the areas where schemes are running and CSOs Andrew Tweddle and Jen Crawford are out visiting and speaking to all the residents about what the scheme entails.

CSO Tweddle said: “It has taken us nearly a year to get to the stage where we are now. All of the members have information on how the schemes run, who is involved and what their role is as part of the scheme.

“We plan to speak regularly with the NHW chairpersons and get updates from them on how the scheme is going and what’s been happening in their neighbourhoods.

“The beauty of the scheme is that it is relatively little work for those involved but it can have huge benefits to the community in terms of cutting crimes and making areas safer for residents.

“We are always looking to expand the scheme and recruit new members in different areas of Blyth. If anyone is interested in signing up to the scheme, or in setting one up where they live, they can contact me and I’ll get in touch with them.”

Anyone who wants more information on the scheme or who is interested in signing up is asked to send their contact details to

For more information on Neighbourhood Watch visit [\Northumbria Police\} and click on the Neighbourhood Watch logo.