Neighbours get money

Well done to ‘Make a noise for Bedlington’.

Having lived in Bedlington for over 30 years, I have indeed seen the decline in services and facilities within Bedlingtonshire year on year.

Thankfully we have great community spirit and a beautiful town, however, as echoed by many writers we have seen the decline in investment by Northumberland County Council.

I will not repeat what has already been said a thousand times about our lack of facilities, the lack of investment and the Tesco debacle, golf club sale, lack of vision and foresight by planners.

What I will say is we need to stay united and not be fobbed off by the officials, elected councillors, and MPs hiding behind the plans that have been conjured up by the county council.

There is no plan until they are under pressure to come up with one.

When was the last time residents were consulted about what they want?

There was a feasibility study costing tens of thousands of pounds conducted early 2000 by an external company on behalf of the county council and it highlighted all of the problems the residents are speaking of today, the lack of facilities and promised change.

I will not insult readers of what resulted, but you see the results or lack of them all around you.

Sadly, the plain and simple truth of the matter is what you see every day, more money and investment for our neighbouring towns in facilities and revamps of town centres.

We see the building of more houses but lack of investment across every aspect in facilities and services.

The reduced grass cutting cycle, the weeds popping up, the creation of ‘wildlife corridors’ so they do not have to cut the grass and save money.

Buildings left to deteriorate. Roads that are not fit for purpose.

When you see the effort that goes into the neighbouring towns it is staggering and shameful.

It is time to let everyone know that we will not tolerate being the poor cousins.

I doubt any elected officials respond to this or any other like minded residents. Be mindful, watch out for promises, plans, time frames, buzz words and clever rhetoric.

Make them work for their money and spend it on improving Bedlington. Let us see a positive change for the better.

Mick Glass