Never mind high speed rail link, sort out the A1

I wonder how many readers are sick of hearing and reading about the proposed high-speed rail link for the north.

They say it will bring benefits to the north, not the north east, as the plans show that it will only go as far as Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.

They say it will benefit people who travel back and forth to work in London so helping the economy.

That’s all very well if you can afford the tickets from the places it reaches, but I don’t think the majority of us would be able to afford it.

On the point of helping the local economy, it has been mentioned numerous times that if the A1 from Morpeth to Scotland’s border was duelled it would help the economy of Northumberland and bring in extra business.

This would happen by more tourism and direct haulage routes to Scotland with less bottlenecks and accident black spots.

To duel the A1 from Morpeth would only cost a fraction of what it will cost for the high-speed rail 2 plan, and have less negative affect on the countryside.

So for once can the government think more about the people in the north east, especially Northumberland and get this road duelling done.

H Craggs