New abuse programme is launched

A new domestic abuse programme has been launched in Northumberland that works with a broader range of offenders.

Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company (Northumbria CRC), which works with adult offenders to deliver a broad range of probation services, has developed a new programme which takes a step forward in challenging and reducing domestic abuse, and will support a much wider range of people.

Positive Pathways plus, can be used within a range of relationships, including heterosexual relationships, including women who offend against men, same sex relationships and also for intra-familial abuse.

The programme can also be used with perpetrators whose conviction is for an offence other than domestic abuse, but where the risk assessment indicates they need to undertake work to address their harmful behaviour.

Jane Mackintosh, Northumbria CRC director of offender management, said: “Our focus is to deliver Positive Pathways plus in a way that is likely to have the most impact on individual participants, so that they develop non abusive, positive behaviour with partners.

“To achieve this, they are required to engage in considering aspects of their behaviour within relationships that they need to change for the better.”