New book takes a look back in time

A new book documenting memories of the 1984/85 miners’ strike is being published.

From a Rock to a Hard Place, by Beverley Trounce, takes a look back at the closure of the collieries and the strike that became defining events of a decade.

Beverley said: “The memories remain and, 30 years on, there are still stories to tell.

“People are ready to look back and talk about what happened in England during this defining moment of industrial action. From a Rock to a Hard Place presents some of their stories.”

The research covers many topics and considers the pickets, the collieries, the effects on those involved and the wider community, as well as the aftermath and what its legacy means to people today.

From a Rock to a Hard Place will be released next month, priced at £12.99. Royalties will go to the Miners’ Welfare Fund.