New bridge is diabolical

I have just read the article regarding the new footbridge over the railway at the Beaconhill crossing in Cramlington (News Post Leader, April 3).

This bridge has been estimated to cost in the region of £850,000 to £900,000 and has taken 18 months to complete.

As a life long resident of Beaconhill, I feel it would perhaps have been interesting to complete a ‘survey’ to inform the town councillors of what we wanted/needed.

The old bridge has been there since I can remember, and we were used to it, but the steps were steep and the ramp to the underpass was long winded and steep, particularly on the return journey from the shops, and especially if you had shopping bags, or a pushchair to push up hill.

If we thought the old bridge and access was bad, then we were in for a big shock with the new one.

It is diabolical. The steps are much steeper and not wide enough for a foot to be placed, and they are smooth concrete - a disaster waiting to happen, especially in frosty or icy weather.

A pensioner will never manage the ascent of the steps, they are very hard going.

The ramp for a pushchair or wheelchair, and bike access, goes way out of the actual needed route and then back on itself, putting extra time and frustration on to a journey.

The underpass is exactly the same, hard going with a steep incline at both ends, whether you exit at the M&S end or climb the mountain of steep steps to get back home to Beaconhill.

What a total let down and disappointment this has been to many of the residents.

When it is stated that it is a steel truss bridge similar to the one built over the Spine Road at Klondyke, I wonder why therefore we did not get it to go all of the way over the two-lane road straight to the back entrance of the retail park, where it would have saved all of the problems of the ramp and the steps being built.

During the building process, the underpass was completely filled in and blocked off, so that could have been made permanent and just one bridge coming over the railway and straight across the road.

Again, another absolute waste of money and an accident waiting to happen.

Mrs Maxine Thompson