New cancer help group

A group of patients at a GP practice in Blyth have set up a support group to help those who are living with cancer.

The group, who are all patients at Waterloo Medical Practice, are part of the ‘health champions’ project under way in ten practices across the region.

The project is part of an initiative called ‘Altogether Better’, funded by the Big Lottery, and aims to recruit volunteers to work with their GP practice to set up groups and activities relating to health issues affecting their community.

Hilary Tweddle and Linda Wrightson, along with the practice’s other health champions, have set up a cancer support group for people in the area.

Hilary said: “From experience I know how difficult it is living with cancer and it can sometimes be very lonely.

“The cancer support group gives people a chance to make friends and take their mind off things for an afternoon.

“I enjoy being a health champion because I feel I am making a difference to people in the community who might otherwise feel isolated.”

The cancer support group will take place every Wednesday from October 1, at the Buffalo Centre, Blyth, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

Linda added: “The group gives people the chance to come and have a chat amongst friends. There are plenty of friendly faces, people can talk about anything they want, and enjoy the company of others.

“The health champions project is a great way of getting involved with the community and making a difference to people suffering from cancer.”

Dr Marie Imlach, of Waterloo Medical Practice, said: “I’m delighted that patients are getting involved in the health champions project.”

“It can be lonely living with illness, and the support group set up by the health champions is a great way of reaching out to members of the community who will benefit from support of others.”