New Delaval School reunion was great event

On Friday, October 25, the fifth New Delaval CSM School reunion was held at the Newsham Victory Club.

First of all, thank you to all who turned out in spite of the almighty thunder and lightning storm, and I think that those who did come enjoyed themselves.

There were some people who had not been to our reunion before and some who come every year.

I hope all will continue to do so and I will try to do this again at the same time next year, so for those who were not able to come, there will be another on the last Friday of October 2014.

Mrs Pearson, who taught music, needlework and girls’ PE, has attended each reunion so we will have to present her with a ‘best attendance’ banner next year.

It is always lovely to see her, it is such a pity more of our teachers don’t come, after all, we are all getting older and it would be nice to see them again.

So to all from New Delaval School, please try to get to the next reunion, hopefully the weather won’t be as inclement next year.

Anne Wake

Seaton Delaval