New grit bins to help against icy pavements

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Residents in Cramlington have been given a helping hand to deal with icy roads and pavements this winter, thanks to the installation of 12 new grit bins in the town.

The bins, which have been distributed across Cramlington West, have been provided with funds from Northumberland County Council’s member’s local improvement scheme fund after demand for grit across the town.

Cramlington Town Councillor Barry Flux said: “The past couple of winters have been a nightmare for residents living in Cramlington West.

“People have been stuck and have had very little help.

“Whilst new grit bins are only part of the answer, they can be of great use at times of extreme snow and ice.

“I am very pleased having pushed for these in the summer and autumn they have been placed before the onset of winter.

“Issues relating to ice and snow have been some of the most heavily reported issues to me, it is clearly an issue where residents want to see more from Northumberland County Council and Cramlington Town Council.”

“Should we experience another harsh winter I will be pushing for action on this,” he added.

New grit bins have been placed in the Beacon Lane, Beaconhill, East Hartford, Nelson Village and Parkside Chase/Dale areas of Cramlington at a cost of £2,700.

Following the purchase the bins will transfer into the ownership of Cramlington Town Council.