New initiative to help boost job prospects for school leavers

A new initiative has been launched to help school leavers improve their chances of getting a job.

Saturday, 16th July 2016, 7:30 am
Left to right: Michael Jobson, James Delaney, Patricia Wilkinson.

NCT Skills For Life (NCT) has joined with the Armed Forces to create JEF-CEP (Joint Enterprise Forces – Construction Employability Pathway).

The initiative aims to offer 240 school leavers the opportunity to develop useful skill sets, gain hands-on experience and to earn a Level One certificate in Multi-Trade Construction, which includes wood work, plastering, bricklaying and roofing.

Patricia Wilkinson, managing director at NCT, said: “Up and down the country there is concern about young people and their ability to leave school, at whatever age, and contribute to society by finding and maintaining a job.

“It would appear that some schools are struggling to arm pupils with the requisite soft skills with which to find and maintain gainful employment

“This is why we have decided on this collaborative approach with the Armed Forces.

“Our innovative scheme will put 240 school leavers through their paces for 12 weeks.”

Lieutenant Colonel Andy Black of the 4th Infantry Brigade in Catterick, who is responsible for engagement in the North East, said: “JEF-CEP is a great scheme and we are delighted to be working alongside NCT.

“The course and in particular, the residential element of the programme will really test the candidates, giving them the experience of working outside of the work place, creating rounded and multi-skilled citizens.”

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