New LED lights '˜are not such a bright idea'

New street lights being installed in Northumberland have been criticised by a Stakeford resident.

Friday, 25th November 2016, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 9:33 am
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Last year, the county council appointed contractor Galliford Try to replace about 29,000 lights with eco-friendly Lighting Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

The programme started in Ashington and is set to be completed in 2018. It is also expected to help save energy and maintenance costs and cut carbon emissions.

But Syd Oliver, who lives on the Wansbeck Estate, is unimpressed with what has been put in place.

The retired mechanical engineer said: “The LED street lights are absolutely dreadful. There’s no spread of light.

“They are particularly unhelpful in bad weather and it’s like we have taken a step back in time. Surely if the sodium lights have to be replaced, something better than this can be installed?

“I have raised the issue with county councillors, officers and my local MP (Ian Lavery), but it seems that the council is determined to stick with these poor lights.”

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said: “A significant proportion of our street lighting is relatively old and inefficient and all street light lamps will be fitted with new eco-friendly LED lantern units with the capability to vary the lighting levels, while maintaining public safety.

“The lighting has been designed in line with national standards and in general has been well received.

“In some individual cases, issues have been raised around the level of light. These are being investigated on an individual basis and where the appropriate lighting levels are not being achieved, remedial action is being taken.”