New measures to target dog dirt on streets

NEW methods are being introduced to tackle dog fouling in Cramlington.

Residents are being asked to identify areas where it is a particular problem, so new bins and ‘no fouling’ notices can be provided, along with pavement stencils to encourage dog owners to take a responsible attitude towards dog fouling.

Councillors and council staff will also undergo training to give them powers to issue enforcement notices which could result in a fine of up to £1,000 for people failing to clean up after their dog.

Coun Barrie Crowther said: “Obviously there is no easy solution otherwise the problem would be solved straightaway.

“Prosecuting people is fine if you can find them and prove the case.

“First of all we need to find the dog routes and we need to educate the public.

“We do need to declare war on inconsiderate dog owners.

“I have spoken to dog owners and many of them are very concerned indeed about dog dirt because they are responsible owners.

“Cramlington Town Council has recently purchased 25 extra bins which have been spread throughout Cramlington.

“It is important to do somethng rather than nothing.”

To report a problem area, contact the council on (01670) 707831.