New memorial gardens for victims of war

A war memorial in a Northumberland village is to be repaired while two new memorial gardens are to be created elsewhere.

The war memorial at Scotland Gate in Choppington was storm damaged in 2012, causing the concrete base to subside, putting stress on the stone structure.

Now plans to have the memorial repaired are progressing, and Choppington Parish Council is awaiting a new plaque, with additional plans to create two memorial gardens in West Sleekburn and Choppington.

Parish clerk at Choppington Parish Council, David Nicholson, said: “The war memorial in Choppington was substantially rebuilt, and we used Blagdon stone and stone that was extracted from the mining operations, which had a particular poignancy.

“The plaques were beyond repair so we have gone through a public consultation exercise with the local community to decide on the materials and design, and now we are waiting for Northumberland County Council to give planning permission.

“There is going to be a new plaque which will feature at this year’s commemoration service in November.”

It is also hoped that the two memorial gardens will open in time for Remembrance Day.

“The parish council takes is responsibilty very seriously and this year in addition to the work at Choppington war memorial, there will be four commemoriation services in November and we will be opening two new memorial gardens to signify the importance that 2014 as the centary of the first world war,” added Mr Nicholson.

The original plaques are in storage and will be housed in suitable cases for display.