New path paves the way for Northumberland school kids’ safety

Coun Barry Flux on the site of the new footpath.
Coun Barry Flux on the site of the new footpath.

A new path has been installed outside a Cramlington school to curb a long standing issue of limited pedestrian access.

The Shanklea School Footway Scheme was established to address safety concerns of pick-up and drop-off times, after calls for improvements were made to build a safe path network.

The works include a new flexible footpath which now links to the existing footpath at both ends of the school, ensuring safe pedestrian access, and a dropped kerb to improve accessibility to the school gates and tactile paving outside and opposite the school access ramp.

Coun Laura Pidcock said: “I was made aware that there had been a few near-misses in the past, which have resulted in a number of concerns about access to the school and the potential dangers of pick up and drop off times.

“I’m delighted to see the work completed, which will significantly reduce the risk of accidents occurring.”

Coun Barry Flux added: “I think it is important that every encouragement is given to children to walk to school particularly where we have congested areas.”

The new footpath was funded by a joint contribution from councillors Barry Flux, Laura Pidcock and Ian Swithenbank, and £18,000 from the county council’s local services and education departments.

Helen Brown, headteacher at Shanklea Primary School, said: “The school has faced this problem for many years and I’d like to express my gratitude to all who have been involved in giving our pupils a much safer route to school.”