New plans to tackle traffic bottleneck

Traffic on Cowpen Road, Blyth.
Traffic on Cowpen Road, Blyth.

Alternative proposals are being considered to improve traffic flow through Blyth.

A number of previous measures have been tried to help keep traffic moving along Cowpen Road as motorists get in and out of the town from the A189 Spine Road.

And now officials at Northumberland County Council have agreed to look at the problem again as well as the overall traffic management of Blyth.

On Tuesday members of the authority’s policy board agreed to a transport appraisal study for the whole of Blyth looking at improved links to the A189 Spine Road, as well as improved drop-off and pick-up points at two school sites in the locality which have a major impact – Horton Grange Primary School and the Dales School from Tynedale Drive.

Councillors also agreed to a study focusing on the Coniston Road, Tynedale Road staggered junction and Cowley Road, Spencer Road junctions in combination with utilising the existing industrial estate road network as an alternative route.

The report said: “Traffic congestion in the Blyth area has been of concern for a number of years, especially during the morning and afternoon peak periods.

“The two main routes linking the town with the A189 are Cowpen Road and the A1061 South Newsham to Laverock Hall Road.

“Cowpen Road is in an urban area and is of particular concern.”

There will also be an investigation into parking restrictions in Cowpen Road.

Coun Susan Dungworth said: “I really do think that it is vital that we sort out Cowpen Road.

“It has always been a problem and it is getting worse.

“It stops me going into Blyth.

“I don’t go down to that part of Blyth.

“It is having a detrimental affect on Blyth and the economy and, we have to get it sorted.

“Our priority has to be enabling people to get in and out of Blyth.”

The county’s policy board committee agreed to support the need for a review of traffic management issues in the Blyth area, and in Cowpen in particular.