New routes for water initiative

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

An award-winning scheme that was launched by Northumbrian Water to help give water pollution the boot is growing across the region.

The initiative involves Water Rangers in various North East locations walking, weekly or fortnightly, along public access routes by streams, becks, burns and bathing waters.

After completing their walk, these volunteers report on the condition of the watercourse so that any potential pollution can be dealt with quickly.

The scheme originally started in 2014 with 32 routes, but has now increased to 55 routes – ranging from 210 metres to 3.6 kilometres long.

Different areas of Ashington and Bedlington are included and Cramlington is among the places with new routes.

Dog walkers, runners, cyclists, ramblers or anyone who just loves the outdoors and cares about the environment, are encouraged to volunteer.

Northumbrian Water’s wastewater director, Richard Warneford, said: “This initiative has helped us to spot and deal with potential threats to the environment at the earliest possible opportunity on a number of occasions.”

Water Rangers receive thorough training on environmental issues and what they need to look out for when monitoring watercourses. For more information about the scheme, call 0191 3016308 or email