New Slimming World group launched in Ashington

Laura Hadden, who is launching a new Slimming World group in Ashington.
Laura Hadden, who is launching a new Slimming World group in Ashington.

A mum who lost nearly six stone is now looking to help others lose weight.

Laura Hadden has set up a new Slimming World group in Ashington after losing 5st 8lbs, thanks to the support she received.

After joining a group in August 2013, Laura lost three stone and gave birth to her first child in May 2015.

But after putting some of the weight back on, she re-joined the group in August 2015 weighing 18 stone.

Laura said: “This time my journey was different, I knew I had to lose the excess weight because I had a little girl who was dependant on me to look after her and for me to be healthy.

“She needed me to be fit and a good role model.

“Before I joined Slimming World my diet was terrible. Now my meals are amazingly filling and healthy but I still eat what I enjoy.

“I am now much more nutritional aware of food without even really having to think about it.

“Slimming World has completely and utterly changed my life. It has given me a life again. I have found a smile I never knew I had.”

Laura’s new group meets for the first time on Tuesday, May 30, at 7pm at the Sure Start Centre.

For more information contact 07428 628416.

Laura added: “I can now stand in front of mirror and look at myself I actually love what I see reflecting back at me.

“I walk with my head held high and most importantly my daughter has a mam who she can be proud of.

“My total weight loss is 5 stone 8lb and I honestly do not know how I managed my everyday life carrying that excess weight with me.

“This treatment in group and my success has made so passionate about Slimming World that I need to give something back.

“I cannot wait to help others take those first steps to changing their lives forever.”