Nick is facing a third Christmas in Indian hell

Nick Dunn.
Nick Dunn.

A sailor detained in India is facing his third Christmas away from family and friends.

Nick Dunn, from Ashington, is currently on trial alongside five British colleagues.

His family had hoped the case would be quashed for a second time by a Judge but have been hit by the news that a judgement is now expected on January 11, destroying any hopes they had of him being home for Christmas.

Nick’s sister Lisa, who has fought for his release, said: “Unfortunately, we had already been trying to come to terms that Nick and his colleagues probably wouldn’t be home for their third Christmas.

“It’s three Christmases these men have been detained thousands of miles away from home that they won’t ever get back.

“This date now confirms that they definitely won’t be back home and will miss Christmas and New Year once again.

“Words cannot describe how devastated we are about this but at the very least, we now finally have a date set to look towards and focus on when we get these men back home once and for all.

“We are still continuing to remain as positive and hopeful as we can be that the truth is finally acknowledged and a not guilty verdict issued.”