Nick’s bid for freedom once again delayed

An ex-paratrooper from Ashington has received yet another set back in his fight for freedom.

Last week marked a year since pirate-hunter Nick Dunn was released from prison after being held on terror charges.

At the time of his detainment the veteran of the Afghanistan and Irag conflicts was working for a US firm protecting ships in pirate-infested seas when Indian authorities seized their vessel.

His family had their hopes for Nick’s freedom on a court case in which the judge was expected to make a final decision about the case.

Nick’s sister, Lisa, 35, said: “It has been more than a year since Nick was released from prison. If someone had told me we would still be fighting this I wouldn’t have believed them.

“I really had a good feeling about the hearing but yet again we have been dealt another blow.

“These are people’s lives they are playing with.”

Charges filed against the 29-year-old were quashed when a court threw out the case.

But police refused to hand back their passports and now want them charged as potential terrorists.

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