No consideration for road safety

OH how I agree with the letter from Kenneth Fallon (News Post Leader, August 4) with regards to Blyth town centre.

I wrote to the director of roads paths and highways at Northumberland County Council in January 2010 and copied that letter to my local councillor regarding the issues raised by Mr Fallon.

I still await a written response from both.

It appears that whilst £6m or thereabouts could be spent upgrading our market area, road safety, parking and pedestrian safety did not appear to be a consideration in that planning.

It also appears that people could not be bothered to pursue the complaints I raised and have the decency to respond.

I was born and bred in Blyth, and yes, I have watched certain areas improve over the last few years, however, I have also watched the decline of the town in all respects.

As the correspondent states, it is not safe for pedestrians while parking and one-way systems are completely ignored by all.

The introduction of new business in Blyth is limited, but we can continue to attract every charity shop that is currently going.

Ask yourselves how many charity shops has Cramlington’s shopping centre got? Then ask yourself how many Blyth town centre has.

Look at the number of shoppers who go out of the town to shop, i.e. to Cramlington or Newcastle, due to the fact that the goods they require (new goods) cannot be purchased in Blyth.

It is a known fact that most markets across the country have seen a decline over the years, however, Blyth Market is a joke.

Millions spent to accommodate the few faithful store holders who appear weekly (six on a recent Tuesday).

Whoever is responsible for the various issues raised, should it be councillors, traffic wardens, police, or Northumberland County Council staff, get to grips with these situations before it is too late, if it is not too late already.


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