No homes let to migrants

The mask has finally slipped from the face of Nigel Farage and his band of turbo-Tories called the UK Independence Party.

He was caught on camera saying he wants to replace the NHS with a US-style healthcare system, which would open up even more services to market forces.

This week the good folk of Rochester and Strood look set to vote in UKIP in a by-election sparked by the defection of a right-winger to the party.

Farage and his supporters in the City and the European Parliament are more than happy to get into bed with the leader of Poland’s far right party because of the promise of millions in donations to UKIP.

Robert Iwaszkiewicz, leader of the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) alliance, has a history of Holocaust denial and racist and misogynistic comments.

Defending his decision, Farage admitted that the deal would guarantee that UKIP will maintain about £1m a year in funding thanks to arcane.

Not for the first time I hit the headlines after accusing UKIP of ‘scare-mongering’ over their claims that parts of the north east are being ‘swamped’ by eastern European immigrants.

Homes for Northumberland (HFN) investigated how many, if any, properties had been let to Eastern Europeans since the lifting of temporary restrictions on the free movement of Bulgarian and Romanian migrants at the beginning of the year.

The results provided by HFN showed that 94.02 per cent of its tenants are currently white British with 4.54 per cent unknown and all other ethnicities fractions of a per cent.

Ronnie Campbell

Blyth Valley MP