No jobs, no hope – no nothing

WE are all by now aware of the imminent closure of the RioTinto Alcan Smelter at Lynemouth.

We hear that the government has “financial packages” to aid the situation – rubbish.

The government wants the plant to close.

It is the escalating environmental emissions taxes which are exacerbating the problem.

It is common knowledge that the country is facing a power deficit in 2012-13.

Here the government has an up and running power station fuelled partially by biomass fuel to help fill the shortfall, so why should they help to keep open the smelting plant?

If past governments can put 140.000 miners on the dole, another 500 will not lose them a wink of sleep.

However, it is not only RioTinto employees. What about the hundreds of local firms who rely on Alcan for the bulk of their income?

Haulage, engineering, electrical, painting firms and many more will probably have to ‘downsize’ as they euphemistically call it.

The shops in the area are losing valuable income, how many of them will close?

Like dropping a large rock in a lake, the ripples spread ever outward over a huge area.

The locality will turn into a wasteland – no jobs, no money, no hope, no nothing.

I wonder how many homes will be repossessed? A perfect example of urban decay.

It started when the local mines were closed, now they are finishing the job.

What magicians do with mirrors, the government do with taxes.

What makes it worse is that we are one of the smaller polluting nations, the big polluters seem to ignore all limits and carry on.

It seems it must be cheaper to have men claiming benefits than being gainfully employed, or are they going to find ways to take even that pittance away?