No reason for waiting

We have new buses called Sapphire but an old service called Arriva.

Can they possibly explain to me why buses keep pulling over for no apparent reason and stopping?

I was recently on the 35 just to go up the road to Morpeth.

People got on, then we came to the stop at King’s Church and no one got on or off, but we stopped for ten minutes.

We pulled away and got to the White House and again no one got on or off but the bus stopped for a further five minutes.

When we arrived at Morpeth, the awaiting passengers asked why the bus was late but were greeted with no explanation.

If you put a train on maybe four times a day – early morning, evening and two in between – there will be room for a bus service as well.

How come a train service would bring prosperity to London but doom and gloom to Ashington?

People can only take jobs if the public transport is decent.

This is where a train service would be vital and it would pay for itself.

Use money wisely and not just doing up ‘grotty’ shop fronts just to make the place look presentable.

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