No regard for expenditure

Does the council simply have no regard for responsible expenditure.

A sign at the south end of Dudley Lane indicates that you are now entering Cramlington. How many Crameltonians need that sign?

Now the council, despite having to face massive cuts in its budget, job losses, even selling County Hall, find it necessary to waste tax payers money on cosmetic works to this sign, by surrounding it with expensive stone, no doubt importing top quality top soil, and planting flowers.

What is the benefit to the tax payer for this blatant waste of money when only days earlier the same council admitted a backlog of 12,200 potholes with a budget of £600,000 to ‘mend them’.

I have witnessed the Tarmac being tamped into the pothole by a workman simply stamping on it with his boot.

This is a farce and a total waste of money as the pothole will reappear very quickly.

At the southern entrance to Blyth is a simple wooden sign with very basic letters spelling ‘Blyth’, so why is it necessary to waste so much money on the entrance to Cramlington with the continuing budget cuts and job losses?

William Dixon