No rule for a bell on bikes

Mr Raffell ( News Post Leader, March 5) states there is a rule in the Highway Code compelling cyclists to have bells fitted to their bikes and to ring them when approaching dog-walkers on shared paths.

There is no rule, although bells are recommended, and it is, of course, an excellent idea.

In any case, I believe if dog-walkers keep to one side of the path and cyclists the other, there is no problem.

Of more concern, and something that is in the Highway Code (Rule 56), is the necessity for dog-walkers to keep their pets on short leads when on paths shared with cyclists.

Although in the interests of health and safety of both cyclists and dogs, this piece of common sense is, unfortunately, not included in the ‘dos and don’ts’ for path-users on the erected signs along the Eve Black Coastal Walkway.

A misnomer because it is also a cycleway.

David Levy