No such thing as ‘free’ car parking

IN response to the letter from Coun Vince Coils (News Post Leader, August 4), the problem with the Labour group argument for ‘free parking’ across Northumberland was that it was a ruse to catch a headline perhaps because there is no such thing as ‘free’ car parking.

The management of traffic is a fundamental requirement for public safety, avoiding congestion, ensuring that emergency services have access and ensuring that people can get the goods and services that they need to support the economy.

Parking is part of that process and, as has been pointed out, if there are no charges for parking across the county then the cost of maintaining car parks has to be paid from council tax, and those that will be hardest hit will be those who do not even have a car.

Coun Coils is arguing that those with the least should pay; is that what he calls fairness?

On his other point, Coun Collis is blaming the present government for the weakness of our economy.

Well that is hypocrisy ‘writ large’ because we have had three Labour governments since the Sixties and each one of them has left the British economy floundering; but what the British people inherited from the last Labour government was almost financially catastrophic.

Yes. The Banks were to blame also, but remember it was the Blair/Brown government that removed the controls on Banks.


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