No sympathy for the driver who was fined

I WONDER how many people felt sympathy for the taxi driver who was fined for parking in a bus stop (News Guardian, letters, June 14). Not me, nor anyone I know.

Parking in bus stops is not allowed for the safety of passengers and other road users.

There may be certain cases where leniency would apply, but using a mobile phone isn’t one of them, even if the call is important.

Responsible drivers these days invest in hands-free devices, or stop legally to answer their phone.

There are many on the market nowadays, with some costing much less than the fixed-penalty that this driver now faces.

I wonder if the taxi driver would feel the same if a car driver had stopped in a taxi-only bay to answer their mobile.

Why does this taxi driver feel that the Law should not apply to him.

The Law applies to everyone and it often hurts.

Get over it.