Northumbria Police to tackle London riots

OFFICERS from Northumbria Police are being sent to London to help restore order on the capital’s streets.

As riots continued on Tuesday evening, the Metropolitan Police sent a request to other forces for mutual aid, as hundreds of homes, business and streets were damaged in some of the worst scenes London has seen in years.

A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: “We can confirm we are sending officers to assist with the situation.”

A former Blyth man now living in the capital welcomed the news of the north east’s police force heading down to help the situation.

Mark Nordstrom, 25, moved from Blyth to north London last year.

Speaking to the News Post Leader on Tuesday he said: “The fact that police officers are sent from my home area and beyond is not only welcome news to me but it’s welcome news to the families and local business people living in these areas who are now no longer surrounded by the high levels of community spirit they are used to but instead being totally overran by outlaws.

“These criminals are hiding behind whatever poor excuse they can find in order to try and justify their actions, when it is apparent it’s nothing more than opportunistic mindless hooligans looking to exploit the situation to loot and steal for nothing more than personal gain.

“This is all an attitude and mentality that is alien to me, to want to destroy the area where you and your family live with such vigorous intent and have fun doing it is beyond my comprehension.

“All I can do is hope that it’s a freak occurrence and not a sign of things to come, however I remain unconvinced.”

Disorder broke out on the streets of Tottenham on Saturday night, following a peaceful demonstration over the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan.

However, it escalated out of control throughout the capital in the following days and on the third night of rioting in London, other cities including Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol suffered a similar fate as shops were looted and cash machines ripped from the walls.