Not all owners are irresponsible

IN reference to the letter regarding dogs should be muzzled by law (News Post Leader, January 12), I presume that the person concerned means the dogs that have caused this problem and not all dogs – and I notice they state they are a cat lover and owner.

Well we have always had dogs and none of ours have ever gone for any cats as it is the way we have trained them.

My husband would not have a cat as he said he was put off them when young by his grandmother letting them climb on the benches and tables, even at meal times.

Then four or five years ago a neighbour was getting remarried and did not want to take his cat or dog with him.

A neighbour took the dog and as we already had a dog my husband said rather than see the cat left out on the street to fend for itself, as it was approximately 17-years-old, then we would take it.

Now bare in mind this was a strange cat, our dog was five-years-old then and he never once attempted to attack it.

Since then my son bought his daughter a kitten, this was two years ago, but as he works away and it has had to stay with us, once again even though the kitten jumped on the dog, lashing out with her claws, he never retaliated right up to last Friday when he died – and both cats sense something is missing.

So please don’t brand every dog or owner the same as those irresponsible ones.

By all means muzzle the offenders, but let the rest of us responsible dog owners give our dogs the quality of life they deserve – after all we do not complain about the amount of cats fouling and digging all our plants up and saying they should be kept indoors to prevent it happening as this would be cruel just the same as muzzling all dogs.


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