Not council’s obligation

I am writing in response to the article regarding the state of the fields provided for Newbiggin’s horse owners (News Post Leader, July 31).

I am sure I am not the only one who is sick of seeing neglected, thin, uncared for, sad and tatty looking horses and ponies tethered in Newbiggin and surrounding areas.

It is cruel and irresponsible to leave any equine tethered, whether on council land or not.

Therefore, I think the council has done a great job in providing a field for the ‘irresponsible’ people who keep horses in it.

It is not the council’s responsibility to provide a field and water.

The cost of keeping a horse at a suitable, safe place including water supply is in excess of £100 a month per horse.

Horses are expensive to keep and if people are unable to afford a suitable place to keep them and cannot carry water buckets (what did they do when they were tethered?) then they should not keep a horse.

Carrying water and keeping a field safe and tidy is all part of owning horses, it is not the council’s responsibility to look after the horses.

As for the loose colt/stallion, a stallion is a potentially very dangerous animal and if the owner of that animal cannot be responsible enough to have it gelded or keep it under control, then the owner should be fined and the horse impounded.

A responsible horse owner

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