Not welcome alongside me

I have a confession to make which I should share with you before you read it in some Tory tabloid.

The other day I got into an altercation in the Commons Chamber with Douglas Carswell, the Tory defector who switched to UKIP and won the recent Clacton by-election.

Now I don’t mind the Tories being in turmoil along with their Lib Dem lapdogs almost five years into a coalition government, which step by step is demolishing the NHS and other institutions which make us proud.

The occasion was Carswell’s swearing in ceremony.

He then had the cheek to try and sit alongside me and Dennis Skinner on the Opposition’s ‘awkward squad’ front bench. And, to add insult to injury, he was wearing a red tie! I have to admit that I saw red.

It reminded me of the time back in the 1980s when the breakaway Social Democratic Party tried to do the same but only succeeded in giving Margaret Thatcher another term in office. And where are the SDP now?

This time around I told Carswell that the same thing will happen to him regardless of his red tie.

What really enrages me, however, is that UKIP’s Nigel Farage, and his Tory cronies like Carswell, are trying to paint themselves as the good guys who want to sweep away the ‘Westminster elite’.

UKIP tries to get people into believing they are a new broom in politics while raking in whatever they can. They are Tories with no conscience.

If you think the current coalition has been bad, can you imagine the damage a Con-UKIP coalition could do?

The reality is that Farage is a typical Tory stockbroker, one of that bunch who, along with the bankers, knackered this country in 2008 to tune of £500bn. The same unscrupulous mob who plunged the country into a recession which resulted, years on, in pay freezes for public service workers like nurses while they continued to enjoy a champagne lifestyle.

And let’s look at Farage’s actual record as a Euro-MP who claims he wants to abolish the EU gravy train.

Farage earlier this year was accused of receiving £15,500 a year in EU expenses to run his constituency office in Bognor Regis, whilst the office was provided rent-free by UKIP supporters. And in June, Farage declared £205,603 for free use of a barn for his constituency. The jury is out on that issue.