NUISANCE: Calls are just harassment

I’m not sure about any of you readers out there, but I for one am sick to the back teeth of receiving unwanted telephone calls from window scrappage schemes, boiler initiative schemes, solar panels, etc. You get my drift?

Just last year, while my husband lay gravely ill in hospital and I awaited that dreaded phone call, you can imagine the anxiety I felt each time the phone rang, only to be greeted by these callers.

Alas, after my husband’s passing, it did not get any easier.

While I had constant phone calls to make, as well as receive, with regard to the coroner’s inquest, preparation of the funeral and notification to family members etc, these unwanted calls still inundated me day after day.

There should be a law against this as I for one regard it as nothing but harassment.

If these schemes really exist, then why do they never leave a traceable telephone number, as well as constantly use that automated service?

And last, but not least, even after pressing a number, as well as speaking to someone to be removed from their database 13 months ago, why am I still being plagued by these unwanted calls?

I think it is high time the government did something about it, don’t you?

Annie Thomas