Old buildings are eyesore

I am sure there has been correspondence in the past regarding the decrepit farm buildings close to the promenade area of Blyth beach, however, I feel it is time to again focus on these decaying buildings.

After the laudable work carried out in recent years to improve and modernise the promenade area, and the excellent cafe facilities nearby, I feel the whole vista is ruined by the overpowering view of a ‘mini shanty town’.

In the recent past there have been rumours of a hotel or houses to be built on the site.

I think the townspeople need to know just what are the plans for the plot.

If there is nothing in the offing, I would hope that if someone in the council has half an eye, they might just force whoever owns the site to at least have it razed to the ground – and before the Tall Ships arrive.

Heaven knows what impression visitors to the town would have if they see that eyesore.

And I think the horses who seem to have nothing to nibble at but a patch of muddy ground would welcome the bulldozers as much as the populace.

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