Old uniforms are donated to charity

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Old school uniforms are now being given a new lease of life thousands of miles away.

Parents at schools involved in the Ashington Learning Partnership – Wansbeck First, Central First, Bothal Middle, Hirst Park Middle and Ashington High schools – have been collecting old uniforms to send to schools in eastern Europe.

The move comes ahead of the partnership’s change from a three-tier to two-tier structure in September, meaning uniform colours and logos will be changing.

Last year, parents sent old football strips to Africa, with Justine Fox leading the donation drive this year.

After finding charities were unwilling to pay for clothes to be sent out, she was put in touch with CWUHA (Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid) which drives a convoy of donations to orphanages, hospitals, and schools in Europe of Africa.

Justine said: “The next convoy is headed to an orphanage, school and hospital in Moldova.

“We’ve been asking the families of children at the schools to donate their old school uniforms and any other clothing or toys and baby equipment.

“The CWUHA have already filled one large van full and will be coming again to collect the next load.

“I want to thank everyone for their efforts and donations so far.”

Justine is still collecting donations for the next convoy. Anyone with a donation to drop off before September 4 should contact her on 07479 690882.

Any donations made after that day will be handed over to the Making Winter Warmer group to pass on to organisations such as women’s refuges and the West End Refugee Service.