On a road to privatisation

MPs are currently reviewing the Infrastructure Bill, which includes controversial measures such as on fracking.

It will also turn the Highways Agency, which manages England’s motorways and major routes, into a company – initially government-owned (‘GoCo’), as a big step towards full privatisation.

This will inevitably mean road tolling, which will push traffic onto non-tolled local roads, leading to worse congestion, road wear and more accidents.

The all-party transport select committee was not convinced of any need for the change, and opinion polls have repeatedly found strong public opposition to tolls.

Our roads have been paid for several times over by the travelling public and business.

They should not be sold-off or used to extract even more money from us.

Tolls would also increase delivery costs and the price of goods in shops.

Enough is enough – it’s time for the public’s voice to be heard and I ask readers to urge their MP to oppose the Infrastructure Bill.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.fairdealforthemotorist.org.uk/handsoff.htm

Mark Dollar

Highways Agency GoCo Action Group Convenor

Public & Commercial Services Union