ARCH: Inquiry is imperative

Thank you for printing the stories of the former business creative arm of Northumberland County Council and how Arch went about its work ethos while it was employed to manage business ventures by the council.

Saturday, 27th April 2019, 6:32 am

With or without the Tories requesting independent outside investigation to oversee Arch dealings with taxpayer monies, I think it’s imperative that this investigation is instituted forthwith to allay suspicion when reading scandal after scandal of Arch business ethics.

Northumbria Police found that Arch has done nothing wrong in its investigation, but a public enquiry will show what went on in the corridors of County Hall.

At the moment it leaves a bad taste in the public’s mouth and thinking in the mind’s eye.

We hear that Ascent is another arm of Arch’s building sector. Whatever next?

Name and address supplied