BREXIT: Give MPs a ‘free’ vote

The Brexit problem rumbles on and I am concerned about the representation from the North East.

Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 05:06 am

In a situation where the future of our nation is at stake a democratic vote is what should take place. That means a ‘free’ vote across parliament.

At present the Labour party is asking for no deal to be taken off the table.

No deal is a bargaining chip that should not be discarded as this would jeopardise the negotiating position of the United Kingdom.

It is time that Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Brexit is bypassed and a free vote is applied when the negotiated deal is put to the House of Commons before March 29.

MPs should not be threatened with deselection if they vote against the Labour leadership; the future of this great nation is at stake.

A ‘free’ vote is the way to avoid ‘no deal’.

Alan Thompson

Newbiggin by the Sea